This temporary page has been added to try and help our clients during the current economical and social situation. Please check back regularly for updates. 

Listed is some information and publications that may be useful depending on your situation. 

COVID-19 Business Resiliency

The Chamber of Commerce along with the City of Grande Prairie and County of Grande Prairie Economic Development Departments are working together to provide a unified approach to supporting local businesses during these unprecedented times.  Many businesses may be experiencing difficult choices or financial hardship during the Covid-19 crisis and below is a list of resources to help you navigate various levels of support. 

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

To help businesses keep and return workers to their payroll through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, proposed the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. This would provide a 75 per cent wage subsidy to eligible employers. Currently applications are extended to cover to September 25, 2021 with a filing deadline of March 24, 2022 on the last eligible period.

This wage subsidy aims to prevent further job losses, encourage employers to re-hire workers previously laid off as a result of COVID-19, and help better position Canadian companies and other employers to more easily resume normal operations following the crisis. While the Government has designed the proposed wage subsidy to provide generous and timely financial support to employers, it was done with the expectation that employers will do their part by using the subsidy in a manner that supports the health and well-being of their employees.

COVID-19 Economic Response Plan –  Legislative Update


March 25, 2020 
In the early morning hours of March 25, 2020, Bill C-13 “An Act respecting certain measures in response to COVID-19” was introduced, and received Royal Assent by the afternoon.
Important details, clarifications, and a few key changes to Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan were included.  

The Alberta Government has implemented a number of initiatives to assist residents. 


The Alberta government will provide immediate financial relief to Alberta’s families and vulnerable populations.


Albertans should be focused on their health and not worry about whether they can pay their bills so a number of options have been put in place for those struggling financially.

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